As arranger, ACT Capital provides a valuable service to its clients, relieving them of the large commitment of time required to execute a financing transaction from start to finish, and allowing them to focus on their core business activities.

Initial Evaluation

We begin by examining the transaction by assessing the financing capacity of the company, its funding needs and its capital resources to determine issuance scope and funding level.

Financing Solution

We advise on the selection of the appropriate vehicles and repayment cash-flow modelling structures as well as the type and size of the optimal debt issue.

Pricing the Issue

We model the cash flow and price the debt issue (plain vanilla bond , bullet bond, sinking fund bond, callable bond, etc).

Capital Source Identification

We target the potential investors and conduct in-depth research to assess their appetite.

High-Level Compliance

We conduct high-level compliance and due diligence on the entire transaction. 


We act as arranger/project manager between all stakeholders and monitor the whole work stream interacting with legal advisers, listing agents , banks, trustees, rating agencies, paying agents and other related parties.

Listing the Issue on an Exchange

We advise on related Capital Markets Regulation and Exchange Admission Listing procedures and opportunities.

Credit Rating

We prepare and coordinate all required documents and negotiate terms, conditions and financial covenants with Credit Rating agencies.

Term Sheet Negotiations

We work closely with all interested capital sources. We negotiate term sheets offering for maximum financing at the lowest cost of funds with the best terms and conditions.

Private Placement (marketing)

We prepare all marketing documents, pitching book and Q&A for investor presentations.

Closing Logistics Management

+ Closing Logistics Management

Post Transaction Management

ACT Capital will remain available after closing for all ongoing needs.

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