Listing on a Stock Exchange

Listing a Bond on a Stock Exchange

Listing debt securities on a stock exchange is usually carried out to gain access to a wider group of investors. Stock Exchanges are effectively competitive service organisations, seeking to differentiate themselves by offering more professional and more streamlined services.

The target investors for most types of debt securities are institutional or professional investors. Many of these have investment criteria stipulating that they will invest all or a proportion of their available funds in listed securities. Listed securities potentially enjoy a greater level of liquidity than they would have if they were not listed.

About Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Founded in 1928, LuxSE is the worldwide leader in the listing of international securities.

LuxSE has a strong culture of servicing international clients and addressing their specific needs. Thanks to its stringent but business-friendly admission process, LuxSE provides the highest transparency to investors.

By providing increased visibility to issuers, LuxSE is the gateway to access international investors. Issuers on LuxSE benefit from the country’s vibrant and integrated financial ecosystem and proximity to a powerful network of international experts (e.g. law firms, banks, consulting firms, etc.).

Benefits of a Luxembourg Listing

“Listed in Luxembourg”, an internationally recognised quality label

  • Enhanced visibility among international investors
  • Efficient listing process (prospectus comments in less than three business days)
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Wide range of securities and currencies
  • Transparency of financial information and corporate governance
  • Cost-efficient and predictable listing process
  • Direct or indirect prospectus submission
  • The choice of two leading markets, i.e. “Bourse de Luxembourg” and “Euro MTF”
  • Listing automatically implies admission to trading on the Euronext Optiq platform

Three listing possibilities: BdL Market, Euro MTF and LuxSE Securities Official List (SOL)


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